The Story:

Robot Maria's sound is a deliberate departure from the members’ punk and hard rock projects and individual musical histories. The band performs a down-tempo, near minimalist, ethereal version of rock and roll that is not without its own complexities. Odd and/or changing meters, almost exclusively minor key signatures, and a scarcity of solos and fills all make their music difficult to classify. Fans of Radiohead, Portishead, and The Mars Volta will spot similarities. Those who listen to spacey, shoegaze, or goth bands will also find familiar elements in Robot Maria’s songs.

The band began as a project between friends Justin Schaefers and Vincent Venegoni. The two had long known each other to be fellow musicians, but had never found an opportunity to perform together until the band’s inception in February 2014. In its infancy, Robot Maria was Vince on bass guitar and Justin on drums and programmed keys. After a year of writing a handful of songs, the band recognized a need for more sonic textures.

In early 2015 Chris Skinner was asked to join on guitar. Justin's other musical projects—Prostinaut! and Net Worth—had performed a few gigs with Chris's other band—I'm The One Who's Fighting. The two became fast friends over their shared interest in DIY effect pedal building. That love of effects informs the way in which the guitar supplements the melodic content constructed by Vince and Justin.

In spring of 2016 Robot Maria was joined by Ivan Mendoza, a veteran vocalist originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. Ivan's unique vocal approach to Robot Maria’s material was the last ingredient needed to complete the band.

With their first album nearly complete, Robot Maria continues to write new music and seek opportunities to play live. Over the coming months, watch for them to perform in the North Texas area. For media or booking inquiries, please email

The Band:

Justin Schaefers | Drums
Justin has been drumming in various rock and punk bands around Dallas since the early 1990s. In addition to drumming, he has worked as a composer and recording and mixing engineer in his DIY recording studio. He has recorded and played on some 20 albums.

Vince Venegoni | Bass Guitar
Vince is a self-taught musician heavily influenced by thrash and punk rock from the late 80s through the early 90s. A deep interest in a wide variety of other genres from old country and blues to prog and desert rock provides a broad musical palette. Previous band experience includes several unnamed garage bands and the experimental collective Mr Green Jeans and the Necropants Ensemble.

Chris Skinner | Guitar
Chris has been performing guitar and bass for over twenty years. His musical journey began as bassist in a praise and worship band while in high school. He went on to form a post-hardcore band with three of his schoolmates. They recorded, released, and performed live music in the DFW area for over twelve years. After that group disbanded, he and two of those same members formed I'm The One Who's Fighting. It was due to gigging with this band that he landed the role of guitarist in Robot Maria.

Ivan Mendoza | Vocals & Electronics
Ivan Mendoza is a singer/lyricist who has been writing, collaborating, and touring as a solo artist and with various Rock bands for the last 18 years.